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Grand Inauguration!

In a cultural atmosphere with good music, Mochica Restaurant celebrated its grand inauguration on March 2, 2016, in Norwalk, Connecticut.   According to its owner, Flor Mercado, Mochica Restaurant is synonymous with the best Peruvian food.   Here all nationalities can enjoy delicious dishes that demonstrate more than 25 years of experience.

According to Ms. Mercado, the name "Mochica Restaurant" is a tribute to The Moche Valley in Northern Peru, where she was born.   Before the Incas, the Moche tribe was the greatest culture of ancient Peru. They were great builders, metalurgists, ceramists, and sailors, but also were great cooks.   At Mochica our kitchen techniques focus on the Incas civilization merged with Spanish, French, Chinese cultures.   Ms. Mercado said that Mochica Restaurant, is an expression of the Peruvian cuisine, which is the result of a millennium of nuances, tastes, smells, and colors of four continents, making the food more flavorful.   Ms. Mercado also mentioned that Mochica is different from others restaurants with the dedication they deliver to their customers, by administer their style of traditional Peruvian cuisine with fresh ingridients in a family atmosphere.

At Mochica Restaurant, in Norwalk, Connecticut, some of the most popular dishes are, lomo saltado, grilled chicken, ceviche, parihuela, and jaleas.   We will be offering more traditional Peruvian specialties such as, shambar and stew of cuy, both cooked in the mochica style.  During the weekends, Peruvian breakfast will be also served.  So, please join us at "Mochica Restaurant" at 75 Main Street, Norwalk, CT. 06851.   Tel: (203)957-8282.

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